Calla Lily Snowfall

(Zantedeschia Aethiopica)

"The stems, leaves and soil are all FRESH and having such a glow!"
Khadija E, Plntd customer

Calla Lily Snowfall

(Zantedeschia Aethiopica)

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"The stems, leaves and soil are all FRESH and having such a glow!"

Khadija E, Plntd customer
About Calla Lily Snowfalls

Please note:
Calla Lilies are not evergreen plants and will wilt approximately 4-6 weeks.

Having said that, the Calla Lily is one of the most stunning indoor flower plants you can care for. Once bloomed they can their flowers can last for weeks (or even months) once placed in the right conditions and given the right level of care.

Once Calla Lilies' flowers start to whither, and the plant starts to dry out, that is the sign that your plant is starting to go dormant. At that point, you can cut off all of your Lily's dried stems, dry out its bulb (for at least a month), then replant it

Unique Meaning & Symbolism

Lilies symbolize The flowers represent purity, innocence, and feminine strength.
This plant is a perfect gift for somebody you share deep respect and passion for.

Caring For Calla Lily Snowfalls

Light: Bright Indirect Light

Calla Lilys do best with bright indirect sunlight. If you notice you plant's leaves and flowers starting to fade, then it may need to be moved further away from the window. If you notice the leaves turning quickly yellow, then it may need more light. When you're replanting the bulbs of this plant (after it's dormancy period), it needs more sunlight to be effective.

Water: 1-2 times a week

Calla Lily's are thirsty plants; they enjoying soil that is contantly moist (though never overly soggy!). Their leaves will start to droop when they're thirsty. Don't be alarmed - a drink will perk it back up. As with all plants, the more light it gets the more water it will need - keep an eye open for its dropping leaves to signal when its time for a drink.

In general, we like to water our Calla Lilies using a bottom-up watering method for about 1hr, to allow the plant and soil to absorb as much soil moisture as it requires. As always, make sure to discard any excess water! 

Difficulty: Green thumbs needed
Cala Lilies are not difficult to maintain, though its owner needs to know what to expect in order to avoid dissapopintment. It is important to note than, unlike most other indoor plants, Cala Lilies will not remain green and glossoming all year round! Then the plant enters its dormancy period, it's leaves will start to dry out and its flower will start to whither. At that point, you need to cut off all the greenery and dry out the Lily's bulbs (for about to months) before replainting it.

If done correctly, and given the right conditions this flower will continue to grow and bloom with you.

Pets: Careful with pets
This plant will cause mouth and stomach irritation if ingested; its flowers, especially, are toxic to pets

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Unlike most of our other plants, the Calla Lily is NOT an evergreen plant, it WILL wilt in 4-6 weeks.

As a result, we do not offer our standard 14-day guarantee, on this plant. However, we will accept requests returns and exchanges within 24 hours of receiving your plant.

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