Queen's Set

(Bird of Paradise & Peace Lily)

"Absolutely amazing service from the Plant team. Their plants are absolutely exquisite and wonderful quality."
Farrah L, Plntd customer

The Queen's Set

(Bird of Paradise & Peace Lily)

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"Absolutely amazing service from the Plant team. Their plants are absolutely exquisite and wonderful quality."
Farrah L, Plntd customer
Caring For A Queen's Set

This calming duo is perfect for anyone looking to gift a pair of plants to a dear friend of loved one. The plants together symbolize peace, calm, and Love.

Both plants thrive in bright indirect light, though the Bird of Paradise, in particular, grows faster the more light it gets.

→ Both plants measure ~40cm tall from the bottom of planter to the top of the foliage

Note: Each plant is unique in shape and size; all measurements fluctuate in range by ~5cm

Light: Bright light

Both plants will thrive in bright indirect light, the Bird of Paradise, in particular, will to best in the bright direct light, right by a window. Avoid direct sunlight that (especially outdoors) as this would scorch their leaves.

Water: About once a week

With both plants, wait until the top inch of the soil is dry, then slowly water until water drips out the bottom of the drainage holes. Because both plants plants like their soils to remain slightly moist (though never soggy), their watering needs will sync up (provided they're both getting similar levels of light). Remember, the more light they get, the more you can expect to water them.

Both plants are particularly sensitive to chlorine in tap-water, though. To avoid this, use either fresh water, or tap water that's been left to sit for 24-48 hours (allowing he chlorine time to evaporate away).

Difficulty: Low-maintenance

Both plants are great for beginners. As long as they are in a well-light room and getting the water they need, they'll be great companions for years to come.

Pets: Careful with pets

Both plants may cause stomach irritation if ingested.

Meaning & Symbolism

Peace Lilies symbolize peace, healing, and tranquility.
Commonly gifted as a show of support for positive energy - a popular housewarming gift.
Strelitzias are seen as a symbol of faithfulness, love, and thoughtfulness.
A great gift for somebody who occupies a lot of space in your mind (and heart).

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