Vita™ Grow Light

(by Soltech Solutions US)

Vita™ Grow Light

(by Soltech Solutions US)

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Vita is an LED grow bulb that supports the growth of your plants with its highly precise photosynthetic spectrum while illuminating your space with brilliant, warm white ambient light.

Simply screw it into any traditional light fixture to give your plants the light and life they deserve.

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All Soltech lights come with a 5-year warranty

What's included in the box
  • 1 Vita Grow Light Bulb
  • Quick Start Guide
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Grow without limitations

No windows? No problem!

If you're struggling to keep your indoor plants healthy and growing in low-light settings, the Vita™ grow light could be the perfect solution for you.

The Vita™ is suitable for almost any plant and can be used in any location, even without windows.

By providing the right amount and type of light, the Vita™ can help your plants thrive, even in less-than-ideal conditions.

Ideal Spectrum

While its warm-white color temperature provides a beautiful and efficient source of light for your greenery.

The Vita™ is engineered to deliver the ideal spectrum for plant growth, ensuring that your plants receive the right type of light to grow strong and healthy.

Energy Efficient

The Vita™ grow light is a powerful and efficient solution for indoor plant growth.

Thanks to its LED technology, the Vita™ consumes minimal power, helping you save money on energy costs in the long run.

With the Vita™, you can enjoy the benefits of plant growth without growing expenses.

Featured video

Watch how easy it is to install the Vita from start to finish.