Dracaena Dragon Tree

(Dracaena Marginata)

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About Dracaena Dragon Trees

The Dracaena is a super popular super low-maintenance plant native to the island Madagascar. There are over 100 varieties with different styles and names. This variety has a wider leaf with a verigated yellowing colour (hence the name, Lemon Lime)

To keep yours as happy as possible, offer it: a bright spot (though not direct sunlight), generous misting, infrequent watering, and monthly fertilizing during the summer.

Unique Meaning & Symbolism

The red sap that stems from this plant (referred to as Dragon's Blood) has been used across culture, for centuries, for many different applications. These include toothpaste, dyes and medical cures for rheumatism, dysentery and as a general cure-all for certain tribes.
As a result, this plant has garnered a universal meaning of health, good fortune, and longevity. This is a perfect gift for someone who is entering a new chapter in his/her life.

Caring For Dracaena Dragon Trees

Light: Most light conditions

The more its gets, the faster it will grow. However, avoid direct sunlight (especially outdoors) as this should scorch its leaves.

Water: Once every 2-3 weeks

Dracaenas like their soil to dry out between waterings. To check if your Dracaena is ready to be watered, stick your finger into the soil about 2 inches in (upto the second line from your finger tip). If you feel ANY moisture, then wait longer! If it feels completely dry, then it's time to rewater your plant: slowly water the soil so that it's completely saturated - you'll know it's fully saturated when water drips out drainage hole on the bottom of the nursery pot.

Difficulty: Nearly-unkillable
Great for beginners. As long as it sits in a bright to place and isn't watered too often, this plant will remain by your side for years.

Pets: Careful with pets
This plant may cause stomach irritation if ingested

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