House Plant Spritz

(From Sowvital UK)

"Perfect for shiny clean leaves"
M A, Plntd Customer

House Plant Spritz

(From Sowvital UK)

Dhs. 99
The Sowvital Spritz is a specially formulated blend of powerful botanical ingredients and nutrients designed to promote healthy growth and development in your indoor plants.

With essential elements like Manganese, Zinc, and Magnesium, this spritz helps to nourish your plants from the inside out, supporting the formation of healthy chlorophyll.

Plus, many house plants are able to absorb nutrients through their leaves, making the Sowvital Spritz an easy and effective way to give your plants the extra boost they need. So give your plants the care they deserve with the Sowvital Spritz!
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"Perfect for shiny clean leaves"
M A, Plntd Customer
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"With Plntd, I buy a plant, and I keep it alive."

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Why the Spritz is so special I/II

Deliver Essential Macronutrients for Optimal Growth

The Sowvital Spritz delivers essential macronutrients that your plants need to grow and thrive.

These nutrients are crucial for proper growth and development, helping your plants to produce the green chlorophyll they need to absorb light and turn it into energy.

With the Sowvital Spritz, you can be sure that your plants are getting the nutrients they need to stay healthy and strong.

Why the Spritz is so special II/II

Deliver Essential Micronutrients for Strong Structures

While its warm-white color temperature provides a beautiful and efficient source of light for your greenery.

The Vita™ is engineered to deliver the ideal spectrum for plant growth, ensuring that your plants receive the right type of light to grow strong and healthy.

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