Three Step Care Kit

(From Sowvital UK)

Three Step Care Kit

(From Sowvital UK)

Dhs. 249

Transform your house plant care routine and give your plants the love they deserve with Sowvital's Three Step Care Kit. Cleanse away impurities, nourish with essential nutrients, and spritz to promote healthy foliage, so your plants can thrive and flourish like never before.

Included In This Set:

Cleanser (200ml):
Helps to remove dirt, grime, and other impurities that can block the pores of your plant's leaves, preventing them from absorbing light and air. The cleanser also nourishes and protects the leaves, enhancing their natural shine, and helps to lock in moisture, keeping your plant hydrated and healthy.

Elixir (100ml):
This ultra-concentrated nutrient solution is specifically designed to nourish your house plants, providing them with the vital nutrients they need to thrive. The Elixir's unique blend of macro and micronutrients supports your plant's metabolic systems, promoting healthier foliage, stronger roots, and greater resilience to stress and environmental factors.

Spritz (200ml):
Contains a powerful combination of botanical ingredients and essential nutrients that work together to promote optimal plant health. The spritz's elemental actives, including Manganese, Zinc, and Magnesium, penetrate directly into the plant's metabolic systems, promoting chlorophyll formation and helping your plant to grow strong, vibrant leaves that are better able to absorb light and air.

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"With Plntd, I buy a plant, and I keep it alive."

-Basma N., A Plntd Customer

Why the Three Step Kit is so special

The Three Step Care Kit provides everything your houseplants need to thrive with ease.

The Cleanser gently removes impurities, restoring your plants' natural shine and locking in moisture.

The Elixir nourishes your plants' metabolic systems with scientifically formulated macro and micronutrient actives, promoting healthier foliage and increased resilience.

The Spritz delivers powerful botanical ingredients and essential nutrients, ensuring that your plants receive the vital elements necessary for chlorophyll formation and overall plant growth.

How to use the three step care kit

Step 1: The Cleanser

Remove impurities, restore your plants' natural shine and lock in moisture


Step 2: The Elixir

Nourishe your plants' metabolic and immunity systems to promoting healthier foliage and increased resilience



Promote chlorophyll formation and helping your plant to grow strong, vibrant leaves that are better able to absorb light and air.


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